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Thursday, October 31, 2002

Time is running out before NaNoWriMo, starts! I went through the process of getting this site registered to the National Novel Writing Month web ring. I was able to get the link at the bottom of the page pasted into the template for this site, which I thought was pretty impressive on my part. I have little or no programming skills -- does anyone need someone who knows a little BASIC? I also was able to put the "official NanoWriMo member" link on this page, although I could not get the picture on the site. If anyone has any ideas how I can get the GIF file for the picture onto this site over there on the left hand side, feel free to let me know how. Remember, my skills with HTML are that I know how to spell it, and beyond that I have few if any bits of knowledge. Remember that this is major busy traffic season at the official National Novel Writing Month site, so it may experience temporary outages today and probably for a few days in November.

I hooked up via e-mail with the group that met here in my town a few days ago and it looks like the group may continue to meet after this upcoming month is over. There is something about shared experiences (battlefield, athletic, writing a novel in month, whatever) that ties people to each other. I hope it works out. Based on the e-mail traffic, it seems like a great bunch of folks and it sounds like Borders would not mind if we came back. Again, they seem like a great bunch of folks, and maybe this will turn into a little group of like-minded encouragers. I have read in all of the books on writing that the writers group is an important part of developing one's skills. I have been afraid of joining one for a variety of reasons: fear and loathing of what people will think of my book and me as a writer, and the dynamics of breaking into an established group are always tough. But this way, if this is the way this group eventually goes, we are all starting from scratch -- literally, starting tomorrow from scratch -- and all are at about the same spot in our writing lives. If this also turns into more of a social affair, that is great too. Maybe some combination. I have high hopes, but then again in a month we may all want to put this experience as far behind us as possible!

The master plan for tomorrow is to get a fire going in the fireplace -- it won't be quite cold enough for one, but I am looking to set a restful atmosphere here, OK? -- and get writing by about nine AM. I am thinking that I will do my work on paper first, then get it onto this site in the afternoon. This is only the plan for the first day, but we shall have to see how it all shakes out by the end of the month, or weekend, or day. I am by nature a planner, which works for plotting and outlining novels I suppose, but I have to keep myself flexible enough to move away from the plan when appropriate and to realize that the whole day is not shot if the first part of the plan does not go off as expected. Flexibility, flexibility, flexibility. Not always my strong suits, but I recognize it and that may be all the help I need in getting myself in gear this month.

Well it is going to be fun, I am sure. I already have the first line and maybe even the first paragraph ready in my head -- not written down yet, because that would be cheating! But I am ready to get going. I wish I could just fall asleep and wake up at midnight . . . I ready to write. Come on, midnight, just get here already! As most aspiring writers, I suppose I am a by myself, leave my alone, let the world go by out there kind of guy, and the notion of being in on something bigger than just me, some secret kind of organization / self-infliceted punishment / hobby is a really cool feeling. I hope this goes well, but I know that my attitude is such that I will enojy it no matter what. I really think I can get to 50,000 words, by writing 2,000 words or so 25 days of the month. I think it can be accomplished. I think I can accomplish it. I need to turn myself inot a writing machine, and kick it up another notch and give 110% and take it one day at a time and whatever other overwrought cliches I can think of, but I think it can be done. "Soulmates," here we come! Brian X. Norton and Iona ("Annie") Bainbridge, prepare to meet, fall in love, fall out of love, deal with many disappointments and triumphs, because the next month will be extra hectice for you. I think I have it bad, I mean all I have to do is write, but my poor characters actually have to go through all this stuff! Poor kids. I hope it all works out, although to be perfectly honest, I have not figured out whether they get together or not. Is that a hoot or what? I do like the idea of being in control of people's lives, even fictional people's lives, and I think I am digging this notion that I can determine whether these two lost osuls, these two soul mates, end up together or not. What a rush. Well I need to go get ready for tomorrow and the weekend: paper, pens, computer working, computer paper to print out drafts (maybe, maybe not), plenty of caffeine, and just don't lose that outline! If that disappears, it is over for me. And for Brian and Annie, poor kids.

See you here tomorrow, with the first installment. Right on!


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