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Tuesday, February 18, 2003

Just a few more words on Cameron's book, specifically on her technique of the Writers' Walk. I like the sense of optimism and perspective that she speaks of in this technique, which is simply an open-minded, committed, and dedicated twenty minute walk. In working through my own thoughts on this, I suppose that this can not involve a treadmill, and I suppose that mall walking is also out of the question. It is pretty cold right now, so I was hoping that I could find a technique that would be usable and not too inconvenient for me. I know that things that are too easy are not valuable, so I guess that I know the answer to these hard questions. The sky, trees, birds, all of these are parts of the value of the technique, per Cameron. I would guess that my habit of wearing my Walk Man eighteen hours a day is also out of the question? Bummer.


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