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Monday, April 21, 2003

I know that my work in this blog has not always lived up to its name. I do not know if I have done a consistent thousand words a day, but I am trying to get back into the swing of this blog and into the true spirit of it, which is to write anything, five days a week, and not focus so much on the thousand words. So I am going to work on that a bit, write about what I am doing, writing or not writing, etc . . . And not focus so much on the thousand words. But I like the thousand words, and of course that is the name of the blog and that is the motivation of both the blog and the Na No Wri Mo concept . . . the timing of the thouand words a day decision and the Na No Wri Mo event and the Na No Wri Mo success and the Na No Wri Mo writing group and the variety of things that I have wirtten since then and the many successes that I have had in writing since I started this, I in no way want to blow off the spirit of this blog. But the legalism of the blog is a problem for me. I am a man of grace more than a man of law, so I need to focus on the spirit of this, which is to write anything, wrtie anything, write anything, and not be so concerned about what is being written.

First of all, let me say that I actually probably do write a thousand new words a day, even if they are not words in this blog. When it comes to including the other blogs that I write, I probalby get pretty close to it. For purposes of anonymity, I keep all of my blogs separate. One is this blog, the creative bolg, the writing blog, the expressive blog, that is all this one. It is multi purpose, I am multi tasking, just by writing in this exact blog. The second is the spiritual blog, where I explore things of faith and the world, and the intersection thereof. I do not write that noe every day, maybe it works out to being three times per week, so that comes adds to the total per day. And the other is academic blog, where I explore things about my job as a professor and my university and my striving for tenure and promotion and the schmoozing that has to take place and the work and the writing and the other things that occur there, as well as basic things about academics and the academic life. That is written every day, and adds a couple of hundred words to the total. So if you include all of the blogs under this "username," I get pretty close, even if they are not all in this blog. I am sure that that was not the intent of the writer of the book on which I based this blog and got the idea from, but I am living in grace rather than law, so I think it is not too too too much of a stretch to include it. But what do I know? Another thing is the original memos, emails, tests, notes, handouts, quizzes, and tests. Those have got to count somehow, too, right? So now I may be stretching, but not so much. I say that because I actually got complimented for my writing a fe times a decade or so ago on the basis of my memos. I had written memos and gotten good reviews of them ,and that was one of the way sI thought that I might be a good writer. I showed a facility with language and a good turn of the phrase and word choice and all of those sort of things, so it looked like maybe I was a good writer. So in light of all of that and the history of my own writing life, such as it is, I think I need to count it as good for my blog counting. Not that I am living under law but rather under grace, I think if it helps my conscience, I will count it as words. Just to prove to myself how I am not walking in law, I am not going to stretch this entry to a thousand words, but I will cut it off at this point. With this sentence, I am done, even though I am only at 763 words.


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