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Wednesday, March 05, 2003

This is the story I wrote at the last meeting of the Na No Wri Mo writing group. Our assignment was to list five things about ourselves that the people at the group would not know about us from looking at us. Then we were to pick one of these facts and write for 20 minutes or so from that person's persepective. My five things were:

1. I own over three thousand comic books.
2. I watch every episode of the "Gilmore Girls" TV show.
3. I spent three years living in Thailand.
4. I don't think that either Todd Rundgren or Jim Steinman get their due credit as musical geniuses.
5. I daydream about being interviewed by Brian Lamb on C-Span's Booknotes.

I selected the second item on my list and wrote from the perspective of that person. Not an autobiographical writing, but . . . well, you'll see:

I know what you're thinking. He's strong, he's buff, he's extra masculine. But I am more than just me rugged good looks, damn it! Sure, to look at me, you can tell that I am athletic, well put-together, and one sharp dresser. Two years of semi-pro ball before a knee injury derailed those particular plans.

But there is more to me that these obviously overwhelmingly masculine traits. I have, I admit it, a softer side. Not a feminine side, mind you, just a softer side. For example, I watch the overwhelmingly feminine"Gilmore Girls" every week on the television. Well actually, It's on twice a week, but that's a little too embarassing to admit. It's fast-paced, they talk a lot. say funny things. It's a bit girly, okay I have to admit that, but it's a really good whow, quite well-written. Honest. Plus, the chicks are hot. Oh yeah, that's the ticket. No, seriously, it's actually good to know what's going on inside those pretty girl's pretty heads. It's more like sating research than anything else.

Plus, sensitivity is really a great way to pick up the ladies. They fall for that soft-spoken pose every single time. So, guys, just drop World Wrestling or Monster Garage for an hour a week, and catch on Lorelai and Rory and their completely feminine lives. Trust me, It will be worth it.


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