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Monday, April 28, 2003

This is an assignment based on Julia Cameron's works that I have referenced over the last month or so. Check out the Feb and Mar archives for my original thoughts on the topics. Her books are based on her workshops and classes, and both include a wide range of subjects. Some are more technical as a writing discipline and some are more on the "spiritual" side if you will, and involve contacting parts of one's personality and flow and dynamism and creativity. I will spend some time in this blog working on a few of the exercises that she has in her two books that I have read. Many involve fill in the blank sentences or lists or similar things. I did not have any interest in some of the exercises and so I did not copy down every exercise and will not do every exercise. But here is one of the ones that I liked, and so I am going to work on it here.

Write 25 things you are proud of.

1. I am proud that I have finished writing my first novel.
2. I am proud that I have m l to a w to whom I have deep a. This is a quote from Special Agent Dale Cooper, Kyle McLachlan's FBI character, a statement of his life regrets that he goes through to his "Diane" the tape recorder after being shot, when he thinks he is about to die. A nice statement that I was able to fulfill a few years later.
3. I am proud that my only child is a responsible, mature, smart, well behaved, young person who seems like quite a cool kid.
4. I am proud that I stepped down from a position of authority when the situation warranted my stepping from from a position of authority, before I had to.
5. I am proud that I accomplished the Na No Wri Mo challenge last Novemeber in a way that did not alienate, irritate, or otherwise negatively affect my family and friends and others I know well and hang with.
6. I am proud that I wrote an academic paper that won an award from a national meeting of an organizational affiliated with a regional conference of quality.
7. I am proud that I have had two academic papers accepted for publicatoin, one which has been published and one which will be published in the summer of this year.
8. I am proud that I have a short story (really an excerpt from the Na No Wri Mo competition) that has been accepted for publication from an actual literary magazine.
9. I am proud that I have never had a bad experience in the work force, wither with a co worker or a boss or anyone else in that setting.
10. I am proud that I get extremely good course evaluations from my students in almost every class that I teach.
11. I am proud that I wrote a story with my child and that we actually bound it and even submitted it for contests and publications.
12. I am proud of the close relationship I have with my child and the positive feeleing we have for each other and the strength of the bond between us.
13. I am proud that I stayed.
14. I am proud of all the things I do around the house for my family, and that I hardly ever complain about them and yet I do them anyway, even with only a little appreciaiton from people.
15. I am proud that I go to libraries a lot, and that I have instilled a love for reading in my child.
16. I am proud that I have been able to successfully integrate my faith into my analysitcal and mental and mind and intelligence life.
17. I am proud that I figured out how to look pretty good for my age and my past and my personality and my job.
18. I am proud of the people who love or have loved me.
19. I am proud that I passed the exam the first time I tried.
20. I am proud that the lowest grade I ever got in college was a C+, and that I still consider that the best professor I ever had.
21. I am proud that I have read so so so many books in so so so many series.
22. I am proud that I have a relationship with my parents.
23. I am proud that I present myself well in public.
24. I am proud that I cook well.
25. I am proud that I can make people laugh, and make them comfortable in me presence.


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