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Sunday, October 01, 2006

Book on Writing

Plot and Structure, by James Scott Bell. Bell is a writer of Christian fiction, and even though I am a reader of Christian fiction, I have actually never read any of his novels. Anyway, he is also a columnist at Writer's Dirgest, and this book is one in their "Writing Great Fiction" series.

What I learned in this book was the LOCK process of plotting . . . L for lead character, O for the lead character's objective, C for Confrontation involving the lead character, and K for knockout ending.

He also talked about the 3-act structure, but added the notion of the 2 doorways, the scenes/events that lead from Act 1 to Act 2, and then from Act 2 to Act 3.

He also broke the world of writers into 2 groups: OP (Outline People) and NOP (No Outline People). I am an OP myself, but he gave advice to both groups about how to adopt some of the aspects of the other in order to craft better plots.


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