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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Works in Progress

This is a list of the seven (7!) novels that I have in some stage of progress. They are listed in order of word count:

* Identity (formerly Wanted) -- 100K words, manuscript complete. Needs a re-write to update the technology used. I also need to revisit Wayne's spiritual life, and make sure his character arc makes sense and that there is appropriate change for him. Target is the CBA marketplace.

* Nowhere Man -- 62K words. I really dig this story and the characters, but have been stuck for years on one plot point. I just need to write through this point, finish it up, and then fix it in the re-write. But I just can't do it.

* A Hero Over His Head -- Down to 47K words, after the first batch of edits on what I did for NaNo. I like this story, the idea of a futuristic superhero story for the CBA marketplace. I have only the barest-bones of plot outlines for what ahppens next, but I don't have the specific worked out -- it's a thriller/mystery, so the specifics of the plot (how they capture the bad guy) is actually pretty important.

* NorthCross -- 35K words. The very first novel I ever started, another superhero thing. I include it here just because I would like to eventually pick it up again. But it is last in the priority list.

* Country Church -- 31K words. I like the theme of this one, and I have the basic plot outline, and most of the characters introduced. I am not passionate about it, but it may have the best CBA market appeal.

* CUL8R -- 22K words. Again, I dig the theme, and the few main charactes I have come up with work. But it is a long way from being ready to got much further.

* Power in the Blood -- 19K words. A Christian vampire story set around 2040, what else can be said? I have the general plot outline for the major characters, and like the thematic elements.