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Monday, September 01, 2003

I am a little more upbeat about my Na No Wri mo writers group than I was a month or so ago. We took August off officially (after taking it off unofficially for July and June, as it sort of turned out), but it looks like there will be good attendance at tomorrow night's meeting. November is right around the corner, and so Na No Wri Mo is once again on our minds, so our raison d'etre is on our minds again. I hope that we can meet twice in Sept and twice in Oct . . . my hope is that we get together at these meetings to get our ideas together and planning and outlining and chracter traits, etc . . . in order to get ready for November. My hope is that this group can help me do my Na No Wri Mo goals, and that maybe more people can join in order to make it an ongoing group. I look forward to it.


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