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Sunday, July 06, 2003

Remember that burst of productivity I wrote about a few months ago? Well it is gone and has gone away so fast and so far that I am actually legitimately bummed out. I guess I am a sensitive soul, and emotional man, which is good raw materials for the writing life, but this is ridiculous. I have tried a few exercises, tried a few tips and techniques, but it just is not going anywhere.

I need the writing group again, I think. That needs to pick up again, maybe, for me to get back on the straight and narrow. Good people, good assignments, that would help me out. I look forward to that picking up again.

I also need to sse my work in print, perhaps. I have two coming out soon, one is in an academic journal and one is in a literary journal. The academic journal has been quite as a church mouse the last few months. I heard that the editing process was done, but I have not heard a word about the publication process.

The literary journal, BowWow, has kept up with me good and I know that it has recieved and finished editing my work, and that the magazine is due out some time in August, it looks. I have subscribed to the magazine, and even ordered a pair of back issues, and an extra pair of my magazine. I think I'll end up with 5 copies of that one (they "pay" in two copies), then, maybe they will be reasonable and only send me four. We shall see. I look forward to getting those back issues and getting a "sneak preview" of the magazine that will be printing my work. I got this tip from a book I read a few months ago about a failed fiction writer's attempt to get published . . . "Rejected: The Chronicles of a Failed Writer" by Jack Harris Adlor. Anyway, I have this fantasy of finding this magazine a suitable venue for some other of my short fiction, in a non-Na No Wri Mo mode. But again, we shall see. I have fantasies, I have hopes, maybe all I need now is some motivation. Maybe seeing the magazine and seeing that it is a class act (I hope it is, I hope it is, I hope it is) will motivate me to work on my short fiction. But I really don't want to work much on thiat, because my focus is on the novel, or on the novels, as the case may be. We shall have to wait and see.


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