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Thursday, May 08, 2003

This is what we did at the meeting on Tuesday of the Na No Wri Mo group. We did two in-class writing assignments. I will talk about the second one first, which I guess came form Amy's writing class at O S U. At least, that was my impression. She gave us a stack of photographs to go through, selecting one that would serve as the jumping off point or the characters in the story. I selected one with three women in an office setting. She then gave us an opening line ("I am a very superstitious person") and told us to just start writing a scene. A minute or two into it, she gave us another line, which had to be the next line used ("I refuse to see a doctor"), then a few minutes later she gave us another line ("But if you really want to know the truth . . . "), then a few minutes later, told us we were done. I had to cheat just a little, as a worked in another line before I got to the second, but nonetheless, here is what I came up with.


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