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Wednesday, July 16, 2003

I think my writing group is in critical condition. And I am not talking about how we judge and look at each others' work -- get it, crit? critical? O K, never mind. But seriously folks, the last few meetings have been sparsely attended, including last night's where I showed up . . . that is right, just me, and not a soul else. Last time, two weeks ago, I could not make it and heard nothing (As in Not A Thing) on the discussion board or the email about the meeting, who was there, or what we (they) did or what we were doing in terms of an assignment. I suppose I should have been suspicious about two weeks of silence, but I showed up and no one else did.

The meeting two ago, a month ago, three of us showed up and really did not talk much about. Maybe it was when we moved the meetings to someone's house, that probably shook up the sensitive writers in the group a little too much. At any rate, I guess writers are sensitive souls, and I certainly should not just write them all off or give them too hard a time, but it is a case of disappointment. It is a bummer. It was (is? was? is? was? is? was? is? was?) a really good group, my first writers gorup, I was getting a lot out of it in a lot of ways on a lot of levels, but I guess it is time for me to suck it up and resort back to my lonely writers' room and give up on being sociable and getting much out of the group process.

Except for November, when I will push for the meeting to start again, for the group to formulate or is it re formulate, whatever . . . but it might be a lonely and morose fw months between now and then. I hope that the main forces behind our group do not get discouraged and keep the group on Yahoo! going and at least the infrastructure of the group stays together until we start up again, so new Na No Wri Mo participants will be welcomed and maybe can revitalize the group again. I am thinking that that last sentence was a bit redundant, and I am not so sure about the "that that" in this sentence . . . to quote comedian Rich Vos, "I stink. I just stink." Or to quote sports meister Tony Kornheiser, "I stink. This column stinks."

Well enough ranting for now. I am ready to suck it up and get ready for some more moping around about this . . . then some writing about my writing.


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