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Saturday, October 14, 2006

More Setting

I have settled on Central Africa for the setting, with an American Protestant missionary aiding a Brazilian or Argentinian Catholic missionary. Their work is needed in Central Africa due to the "Water Wars" . . . . I have read a few futurists predicting that the next great wars will be over water, so I'll toss that in as the background. I need an African nation or region to anchor it to, maybe even one that does not exist today . . . a split-off tribal revolution or a conglomeration of nations, or at least a name change, a la Rhodesia to Zimbabwe . . . something possible.

It takes place in 2051, remember, so I have some flexibility on the details of the world then . . . . I would like to present the church as less Western (and white) then it is now, as the balance of power is shifting south, to southern Asia, Africa, and South America. That I definitely want to present, as well as a thawing of relations between Catholics and Protestants.


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