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Monday, August 22, 2005

Really? A thousand words? Every day?

Well, actually you have to do more like 1600-1700 a day during Novembers if you want to complete National Novel Writing Month, which I did in 2002 and 2003. I am considering a run again in 2005, after taking last year off. The problem with my NANO experiences is they left me with two long yet still unfinished manuscripts. So I have been poking on them since, and have to ask myself if I want to end 2005 with THREE long yet still unfinsihed manuscripts.

So with the exception of Novembers in NANO years, then this blog will not consist of 1000 words a day. But I like the reminder the name of the blog gives me that writing should be an EVERY DAY event, and that dilligent work will leave me with lots and lots of written words.

What I need to figure out how to do is balance the value of producing 1000 words in a day with the bondage of feeling that I HAD TO produce 1000 words every single day. Haven't figured out this conundrum yet.


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