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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Questions to answer

I ned to know some of the steps to sainthood, as well as whether a Pope who becomes a Saint (as a posit for John Paul II) is known as Pope or Saint. My main characters work in a buliding named for him, and I need to figure out if that would be the "Saint John Paul II complex" or "Pope John Paul" or "Saint Pope . . . " I just don't know.

I also need to skim a biography of John Paul, and find out some of his work/visits to Africa, as I figure this complex should be at or near a place he visitied.

I also need some more generic Africa geography facts, for some settings.

And I need a hometown for my Argentinian main character, as well as the name of the order he is a prt of (this I can probably make up, but then I need to pick a favorite Saint to name it after.

And I need to learn about the spiritualist movement, in which my vampire Lucas Brennan Griffin was raised in the early 1900s. Was is Madame Blatavaski? Something like that.

Did I hear someone say "GOOGLE?"


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