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Friday, August 26, 2005

Status Report

I'll talk in depth at some point about each of the projects, but here is where I am in each of my novels-in-progress.

Wanted -- A thriller -- This one is complete, at 105,000 words, and most charpters are in their second or third draft. Two friends are reading / editing / critiquing the latest version now, and I have my mind set on December as the month to do (maybe just begin?) the full rewrite and I dream of sending it out to agents or publishers in 2006.

Soulmates -- A light romantic drama -- This was my 2002 NANO novel, and is about two-thirds complete, now at 60,000 words. I have it outlined to the end, but have not added more than a scene or two in the last year.

Nowhere Man -- A thriller / romance / coming of age thing -- This was my 2003 NANO novel, and is also about two-thirds complete, standing at 58,000 words. I have been written a few scenes the last month or so, but am at a crux point in the plot, and might be a little worried about the next scene or two. But I know I have to just push on through.

Country Church -- A drama -- This one is about one-third done, about 31,000 words. This is my first attempt at multiple POV, telling the story from the varying perspectives of 5 people in a small church community. All of the others are more limited in the POV, so I think this structure is tougher for me, which is keeping my slowed down on making more progress on this one.

ASL -- A light romance -- This one has just not gotten far, at about 6,200 words, but I really like the story, so I keep it on my list. I am considering junking it and re-writing it as my 2005 NANO, if I do NANO in 2005. But I'm not sure yet.


Blogger Michel Archer said...

Wow! You've been at this awhile! I never even kept a diary before because I'd quit after two weeks. Nice work! Also, your status report is super! I had no idea you were up to so much! Hope to see you in print soon! Rock on, baby!

9:58 AM  
Blogger Professor said...

Thanks for the kind words, Michele!

10:13 AM  

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