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Monday, October 31, 2005

C U L8R -- intro stuff

Thoughts on the NANO, now titled "C U L8R"

Idea --> Man involved in online chat finds the anonymity allows for surprising openness, which seduces, but he finds real-world relationships are hurting. This begins a spiral of addiction/obsession with the online world, thinking he is finding true "friends" and "community."

Intention --> To write a novel about a man whose obsessive involvement in virtual relationships irrevocably damages his real-world relationships, with both his friends and his God.

Attitude --> The negative aspects of online "community" far outweigh the positive, which only mask real world deficits, anyway.

Purpose --> To prove that "community" only exists within those of a common faith meeting in the "real world" . . . and that the "community" offered by online relationships can be dangerously addictive and seductive.


Blogger Michel Archer said...

What an intriguing premise! A real 'story for our times!' Are you working on this yet?

9:54 PM  
Blogger Professor said...

I got about 22K into it in November, when I got sidetracked by family issues . . . I am going to set it aside and pick up something else that is about 55K along.

And I hope to do that soon!!!

7:30 PM  

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