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Monday, October 24, 2005

The Non-Sequel It Is!

For my NANO '05 project, I have decided to go with the non-sequel. This is a work in process currently called "LOL," which I am going to re-title "A/S/L" for the re-write. I am scrapping the few thousand words I wrote a couple years ago, tossing out those notecards, deleting the file, and starting from scratch in just about one week.

The BIG IDEA for the work: "What is Community?" A guy gets heavily involved in the virtual/chat world, making "virtual friends" in a range of "virtual communities," much to the detriment of his real-world relationships with a serious girlfriend and her powerful rich father, who has always had high hopes for the match. The girlfriend's best friend plays the role of Greek Chorus/Conscience, pointing out that deep community only exists among real-world people, and that the deepest community of all only exists in the body of Christian believers.


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