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Thursday, January 05, 2006

Reviewing the 2005 Writing Goals

* Complete re-write of "Wanted," a novel manuscript I finished 12/2000, currently under complete review by 2 friends, with 2 others looking at pieces and parts of it (did not happen, but I got the reviews from Kim & Kerry. ROLLED OVER TO 2006)

* Finish 2003 NANO ("Nowhere Man") or 2002 NANO ("Soulmates") (ROLLED OVER TO 2006)

* If above is accomplished (and only IF), try 2005 NANO (Tried, CUL8R, got about 22K in before a family thing happened)

* Attend >= 18 writing group meetings (20)

* Attend >= 4 poetry-related events (5; turns out to not really be my thing)

* Read >= 3 writing books (yes)

* Write at least 10 mini-stories from my writing group "Drabble" prompts (only did 2, but they stopped after about 5 or so)

* Write at least 10 micro-stories for the "Fifty Words" group in LiveJournal (5; sort of forgot by about June)

* Enter at least 1 of the 4 "The First Line" quarterly contests (NOPE; short stories fell too far down the list, but I want to tackle this some day)

* Submit for Lenten and/or Advent devotionals at church (missed deadline for Lent, wrote for and was accepted for Advent devotional)


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