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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Character Sketch

Brother Paolo Miguel DelHierro. Born in 2007 in ___________, Argentina. Devout Catholic family, appreciative of the church's care for his mother and family after the death of his father in 2021. Joined the Benedictine order in 2032, after the death of Pope Benedict XVII. Served at the monastery of St. ____________ in ___________, _____________. Felt called to serve in Africa, to help the refugees and hurting in the aftermath of the Water Wars of the 2030s and 2040s. In 2051, he agrees to serve at the newly renamed Saint John Paul Resource Center, near the former border of ____________ and ___________ in Central Africa. He assumes the pastoral duties of the Center, as well as specifically overseeing the outreach ministries of the Center. Brother Paolo is not a priest, but as there is no diocesan priest in the surrounding area, the Diocese of ____________ has given him the authority to perform all priestly duties and functions within the boundaries of the property of the Center.

motivations: to serve the hurting, and to please his superiors in the Church
change: eyes opened to the spiritual world around him . . . serving God or serving the Church?


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