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Friday, January 13, 2006

2006 Writing Plans

* Complete re-write of "Wanted," a novel manuscript I finished 12/2000, having received crits in 2005 from my top two writing buddies. The ultimate goal is to have this in shape to take it to a writing conference in 2007.

* Read and respond to each and every thing I get from my top two writing bussies.

* Finish 2005 NANO ("C U L8R"), 2003 NANO ("Nowhere Man") or 2002 NANO ("Soulmates") -- Need to choose one soon

* If above is accomplished (and only IF), try 2006 NANO -- maybe by "cheating" and using the month to finish something off . . .

* Attend >= 10 writers group meetings

* Read 1 writing book and every issue of both The Writer and Writer's Digest

* Write at least 5 micro-stories for the "Fifty Words" group in LiveJournal

* Enter at least 1 of the 4 "The First Line" quarterly contests

* Submit for Lenten and/or Advent devotionals at church


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